Proper lighting is one of the defining touches to a professional presentation and an integral part of the entire package. Whether your production is a full stage event such as a play or musical, or your band is performing at an outdoor venue we have the expertise to make sure your lighting needs are met.

We have the capabilities to construct a 32 foot by 32 foot stage covering built from 12 inch aluminum box truss and 4 ST 20 Genie Towers. The roof has been in use for events at the Winona Peach Festival, Puddicombe Farms Ciderfest and McMaster University.

Lighting creates the mood and adds depth to any production. We work with all aspects of lighting from the basics to special effects. Our client list includes performers such as  The Nylons, The Blues Society and the Chris Smith Band. They not only sounded great, but their performance was enhanced by a great lighting design.